Tuesday, October 16, 2012

sneaking into her sister's bedroom!

sisters bedroom

Phebe finds Lilah's bedroom really tempting.

There's nothing much special in it, so I'm not sure what the attraction is, however she regularly disappears in there... mostly when Lilah is at school and isn't around to "defend it", as her private property! A week or more ago, after changing a pretty stinky diaper and bagging it, Phebe likes to take it off me and carry it around for a bit before disposing of it, usually in the garbage, but on this particular day she threw her little bomb right under Lilah's bed! And ran away giggling.

Oh my. That Phebe Jayne has a wicked sense of humor!

She was back in there today, mostly checking out the mirror and tonight as Lilah was lying in bed, just before bedtime prayers, she suddenly asked me: "Why has my mirror got lots of sticky handprints on it?"


The good part in all this, is that Lilah's room is full of natural light and today as Phebe was waddling around, I managed to run downstairs, grab my camera and get a handful of pictures of my beautiful girl!

Untitled Untitled

<< note to self - don't forget to clean the mirrors - daily >>

sisters bedroom


  1. She is an adorable little handful! It's amazing, too, how comfortable and settled she seems after just a few weeks I love her expression in the first one..is it "uh oh, I've been caught"?

    Gin =)

  2. That room does having amazing light, love the eyes in the first photo! She is a little stinker isn't she??? But I bet she keeps you laughing!

  3. The first picture you captured how stunning she is! She also looks like such a wee one in her little petite sweater. What fun...and mischief you two will have!!1

  4. She so sweet and she has incredible beautiful eyes! Little William also likes to go in his big sister's room when she's away at daycare. Something small ones likes to do ;)

    Have a beautiful sunny day!!!

  5. Sisters!! I have 4 of them - growing up we squabbled like crazy! Now they are my closest friends.

    Phebe, the rascal!!!!!!!!1