Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sleeping, talking, eating, attachment & pure cuteness


Well, first of all, Phebe started sleeping all through the night... it took us 5 days! By Saturday night we were all on Eastern Standard Time and we could not have been happier! Ahhhh! Life is good! I think I've mentioned what a great sleeper Phebe is, she sleeps 11-12 hours at night and on Sunday morning, I woke to the sound of her lying in the crib clapping her hands and chattering away to herself. What a happy girl! (Oh yes, and she also naps for 1-2 hours during the day too!)

She is SUCH a smart girl. She can follow simple directions now - like brushing her teeth, come to me, let's go, get a new diaper, dirty clothes (she knows they go in the washing machine). She can say lots of new English words and basically repeats everything we tell her - especially everything Lilah says! She understands the meaning of and can say: shoes, bus, ears, hi, bye-bye, hat, Lilah, Baba, Mama, Phebe (she says Bebe!!), go-go-go, apple, nom-nom (food), bib, dirty, pee-pee, bath, two (her age!) etc... I can't even think of them all right now. She has little funny expressions too - every animal, including pictures in books and the owls on her bib, when she sees them, she makes a little high pitch bark... it's so cute. When she drops something, she puts her hand on her forehead and says "Oh nooooooooo!" - it makes me laugh every.single.time. She makes a brrm brrm sounds for any moving vehicle. She points her (peter pointer) finger, shakes it and says in a high pitch voice "NO-NO-NO!"

Simply put - she cracks us up! In fact, in everything she does... she basically tries to make us laugh! She is a real little funny woman! It's hard to believe that she has only been part of our family for 3 weeks.

She loves to eat and she eats anything and everything! The only thing we notice she is having difficulty with, is anything that is straight out of the fridge. She isn't used to the cool temperatures. Like yogurt for example, we have to leave it out of the fridge for a while, so she can eat it. And ice-cream, well that has also taken a while to get used to, but I think we have her sold! The only thing that worries us right now is the milk situation. She will take milk/cream in her porridge and any other type of meal that I cook with cream. However, she will not touch a bottle of milk. We were told that she took a bottle at morning and night when she lived in the SWI and we even bought the formula in China to mix, but she won't take it unfortunately.

And now, the best part of this post... Our relationship! Phebe and I have made huge strides in the last week as far as attachment goes. Each day we would go off together: we did grocery shopping, went to the park, the coffee shop, walked Lilah to school, played together, etc, etc. And I am happy to report that she is giggling and smiling and coming to me now... without the screaming and fear and hesitation that she did in the past. And my of my, this Mama's heart is SUPER happy.

Oh, and she plays peek-a-boo with me too. Have I mentioned she's unbelievably cute? She has captured my heart in a HUGE way.

playing playing


  1. she is irresistible, jill! love that you are all settling in with each other so happily and well. <3 this post does my heart good :)

  2. So happy to hear all is well! What fun you seem to be having!

    Try making the milk hot. I remember gradually weaning Lily away from the really hot, hot milk.

    Enjoy your time with little Phebe!

  3. I totally agree on the cuteness factor! Sky high! Delighted to hear how far you and your girl have come in such a sort time. Truly beautiful!

    Erika B

  4. She sounds amazing. You don't know me. My family is from MN we have 4 treasures from China. The fact that Phebe will not take milk reminds me of our 2nd daughter. She was from Suixi Guangdong and we later found out they put a "lot" of sugar in the children's bottles. I'm not saying you should add sugar but it might be the reason. Eventually our Sarah took millk but it took awhile. We had a difficult time keeping her hydrated. She would drink water. Hopefully she is drinking something if not milk. All the best and enjoy the cuteness they grow so quickly. Ours are 13, 10, 9 and 6 already!

  5. She is incredibly cute! I am glad it is going so well and that she is starting to open up to you more and more. It just takes some time!

    It took awhile for my little ones to take milk too. They did not like it. For Silas, after five months, he still hates it. I have to buy him the yogurt drinks, which is more similar to what he drank in China.

  6. What a doll baby she is. So happy to hear that she's turning the corner with you as her Mama! It does the heart good.

  7. Pure sweetness and light, Jill.

    Such a love, Phebe is. So very happy to watch this joyful, yet gentle unfolding of a sweet personality.

    Bravo to you. Timing's everything... n'est-ce pas?

    Grammy Carol in Ottawa

  8. What a darling little girl!! I love all her different poses... the Chinese squat while working a puzzle; her sweet little "peek-a-boo" hands; and her daintily crossed ankles. She is just blossoming with your family's love and attention.
    Ms. Lindy

  9. Pure cuteness is right! She sounds like such a bright girl, too. I'm so happy to hear she's making such huge strides in her attachment....I knew it wouldn't take long for you to start really winning her over.

    Gin =)

  10. That is very good news on her attachment. She just looks like such a funny girl in her pictures, like she has mischief in her eyes.