Wednesday, October 31, 2012

her first halloween!

a spooktacular halloween!

I think our Phebe girl has met her match with Halloween!

She hadn't the slightest idea what all the fuss was about, with her big sister running around squealing with excitement, but there is one thing for sure about our new daughter... she will NOT be outdone when it comes to excitement, or anything else really!

So first of all she was supposed to be a Superhero, because Lilah wanted to be 'twins' and being a Superhero was Lilah's choice. well, that was until Halloween morning arrived and then there was a huge change of heart around this house. Lucky enough we have a closet full of little costumes and hats and whatnot... so our Lilah girl decided to go with a bunny rabbit mask and tail. And Phebe, well, I gave her a choice of the Superhero outfit and the Tinkerbell dress. I'm secretly thrilled she chose the dress... my poor baby girl gets enough boy comments, because of her lack of hair and there is no doubt she would have gotten a few more if she'd worn that Superhero costume! Speaking of hair, it is growing rapidly, it can just about hold a clip!

So Lilah's change of heart was a blessing in disguise!

And did she ever keep up with her big sister, while out trick or treating! Man those little legs were flying! She had so much fun. And when I said she met her match in Halloween, it was everything to do with the treats she received. I just let them eat as much candy as they could, because tomorrow, they'll disappear!

What Lilah could eat in candy in a week, Phebe can definitely eat in a day, maybe even an hour! She is definitely our sweet tooth in the family!

Love my little Tinkerbell.

It started out like this - this picture was taking a couple of weeks ago.
(See what I mean about the 'boy comments'!) ...sorry Phebe!



Then Lilah popped this hat on her head last Sunday and she seem to be channelling the whole witch theme!
She even made us a brew! Just tea, no worries!

witch hat! witch hat! witch hat!


And finally the beautiful Tinkerbell emerged in all her glory.

a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween!


Her favourite part... the eating of the collected loot!

a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween!


And finally, waiting for all those trick or treaters to come to our home!

a spooktacular halloween!

[ the flickr set is here ]


  1. Happy first Halloween!

    I love her in both costumes!

  2. Jill, what program did you use to put those beautiful borders on your beautiful photos?

    1. It is an online program called PicMonkey. :)

  3. Your girls make me smile........... every.single.time!

    We had fun last night too, but after a sugar meltdown, I packed all the remainders up to send with Daddy to his work .....with Gracie only being 2, I seem to have got away with it this year!!

  4. Oh my goodness! She is adorable no matter what she's dressed as! I especially loved her in the little witch hat, though. What a special first Halloween for your sweet girl! Looks like she really caught on to the whole Halloween thing, too.

    Lilah made such a cute little bunny and I'm sure she had fun showing lil' sis the ropes, hehee.

    Gin =)