Tuesday, November 20, 2012

it's the most wonderful time...

We received our first Christmas Card in the mail today.
The Christmas tunes are playing in the stores.
Santa is hanging out at the Shopping Mall.
The girls are wearing their snowsuits.
(Thankfully not because it's snowing... yet. But just because they're cosy!)

I just love kids in snowsuits - they look all chunky and cute.
Especially this little one. I know, I'm pretty biased!


As a side note, I bought these snowsuits in one of my favourite UK stores, called NEXT.
They have an online catalogue and now ship to Canada, for free, within two business days!


  1. You're joking....NEXT ship to Canada??? For free??

    I do NOT know what I would do without NEXT...LOVE IT! Their "little girl" fashion is just ADORABLE, Im excited to get the new "season" catalogue every time!

    We also have quite a lot of their household items too :)

    So glad you have a little bit of "home" there Jill...

  2. I meant to say please let me know if any of your favourite Canadian or American Stores for little girls fashion do similar to the UK.........Dx

  3. She is supercute! As is the snowsuit. I love Next too and they ship to Sweden too so I'm really happy. The husband and I went to London two weeks ago and we did buy a few things at Next for our girls. Simply love it!

    Erika B

  4. NEXT ships to CANADA FOR FREE?!?!? Oh my.... now I have to check it out! My NI friend (now living in the States) raved about it for years! :) :)
    Love your pictures and how happy and content Phebe looks... she seems like quite a little firecracker! :)

    1. Yes, free shipping, Janna! ...No matter how much you spend. Awesome, right?!

  5. It is very wintery here and seems to be putting everyone in the Christmas spirit early this year... lights are up, trees are up, etc...

    I love that snowsuit, I am going to check out that website!

  6. She is such a precious little bundle!! You just want to pick her up and squeeze her.

    Gin =)