Friday, November 9, 2012

things i love about her : chatter & expressions

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We have a chatterbox on our hands!

Anything we say, Phebe believes she can say too... she chatters all day long and I love that!

She chatters for herself and she chatters for her Tigger - and many of her other favourite stuffed animals too! I love hearing her little voice and I love her quirky ways. She is a real fun loving girl and she makes us grin, a lot!

One of the things that makes me laugh is her ability to pick up expressions: Like some of the ones I must say around the house regularly: "Dear dear!", "Oh dear!", "Oh-Oh", "Alriiiiiight!", "Have fun!", "No touch!" and "Oh boy!".

She has so many words now, here's a few of my favourites: shower, doggie, tights (we Irish call stockings, tights!), pumpkin (sounds more like pun-tin!), chin, bum up and bum down (while changing her diaper), all done, cry, banana (said like nana), hair, night-night, okay, bath, boots, shoes, hat, backpack, sunshine, wet, shower, car, careful (sounds like fulful), tick-tock (for the clock), glasses, bible.

And here are a few of my favourite Phebeisms, so far...

She makes loud grunting noises on the potty, even if she's not doing a thing. And how she screws her face up, it just cracks us up! And when she does something, there is a very VERY loud happy dance ensues.

She will put on a pair of play eye glasses (we seem to have an abundance of them!) and run to the full length mirror to look at herself.

She will listen to her heart with the toy stethoscope a lot, I guess she’s had this done a fair bit, in her lifetime!

When I turn the light on, in her bedroom, first thing in the morning, she says “Oh, sunshine!” and squints her eyes. She basically does this about any light and also outside, when the sun is in her eyes!

When we open the front door in the morning, the cold air comes in and she lets out a shrill “Brrrrrrrrrrrr”.

On our walk up to school to pick Lilah up, she sings in her stroller at the top of her lungs, seriously, she gets us a lot of attention! She will sing: “Li-lahhhhh, where are you?”

When I ask her if she wants chocolate she puts her finger to her lips and quietly says “Shhhhhhhhhh”, and then holds out both her hands! Chocolate is the only thing she holds out two hands for!

When she is very tired and upset over something, she will pout and clap her hands together once, with a cross face! I’ve noticed that she has pretty much stopped doing this now, mostly it was only Lilah that got this reaction!

Anything she hands to you, she says “ta-ta” and she also says the Mandarin word for thank you, "xie xie"… she regularly uses them both together, ta-ta : xie xie.

When she doesn’t know something, or doesn’t know where someone is, she’ll walk around with one hand in the air, her shoulders shrugged and a questioning look on her face.

She is obsessed with anything dirty… whether it be herself (usually her face while eating, we constantly have to clean it!) or a child with a messy face in a book – she gets a wipe and tries her hardest to clean it off! She points and says “dity”. It sounds very posh!

When all the scary Halloween stuff was out - she'd point and say: “Eeks!” She even says “Eeks” over the x-ray (skeleton) picture in her abc book!

When she bumps herself, she will look at and touch the offending object she bumped herself on and say “Bang” and “Ouch!”

She always makes the same expressions as people in books and magazines… or the same hand placement, or stance. It cracks me up!

She has started putting her (pointer) finger up and saying “one minute” to us - this is an expression we say regularly... like if I need to run upstairs for something, I put up my finger and tell her I'll be one minute.

She has no idea about her size yet and the size of her toys. She will try to sit on a tiny car or try to get her foot into the door of a little play bus. Or she will try to fit into her dolls clothes. She finds it rather frustrating to not fit!

She regularly walks around with her stuffies, she makes their arms wave and says “bye-bye” for them. She also makes them cry and then hugs and comforts them.

When she hears music, she automatically dances, bending her knees and bopping her head!

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"Oh boy!"




"No touch!"


"Night-Night" - Tigger cries and she comforts him


  1. LOVED this little update. She is such a lovable, funny little thing and so full of spunk! Reminds me so much of someone I know. I loved hearing her cute little voice.

    Gin =)

  2. Jill, so cute!! She is such a clever little girl :)

  3. She is so sweet! How amazing that she has learned all this in two month's time. Such a smart girl. She has brought so much to your family.

  4. I love this stage of adoption... bringing them home and learning their personality as they become more and more comfortable.

  5. Your videos are priceless, especially the 'Tigger' one. So, so sweet!!!

  6. So sweet! Phebe is toooooo cute! Cathy