Thursday, November 22, 2012

things i love about her : sisters

Definitely in my top five, maybe even my most favourite thing in the world right now, is seeing Phebe and Lilah's relationship with one another.

One of the things that frightened me about adopting again was whether or not my children would be compatible with one another... in fact, we even talked to our Adoption Practicioner about this when he came to meet us for our twelve month Post Placement with Lilah. And his wise answer was, you just never know, sometimes even biological siblings don't get along together! So it was faith and an answer to many of my heartfelt prayers, that these girls of mine are not only sisters... but also friends.

Their personalities are quite different and they'll each have something to learn from the other. Lilah loves to Mommy her little sister and Phebe just loves to copy everything Lilah does. Sure, they have their moments like any siblings, but I'm amazed at the tolerance they have for each other. Sometimes they sit together and read, sometimes they play quietly together, sometimes they play rough and sometimes they torment each other.

But at the end of the day, these girls are sisters. Maybe not by blood. But by love and adoration and togetherness. We are a family, each chosen and placed together, by God Himself.

sisters reading snowsuit sitting on my knee! sisters at play Untitled glorious fall ornamental gardens


  1. A sister bond is very powerful! They will be life long friends and are sure sweet together!

  2. Such a wonderful post capturing all these sister's antics and sweet moments! I know I am looking forward to the same thing for our Liliah! Someday, she will be a big sister.

  3. I am a french woman
    i come on your blogs every day
    they are lovely cute ex=ct ect ;;;
    your daughters are very beautiful
    i love them and to watch pictures (your beautiful pictures!!!)

    Kisses to you and your family

    I am mamie (grandma) de France for several adopted kids

    Gros bisous (in french)