Sunday, November 4, 2012

things i love about her : sleeping

I've decided to do a week (or so) of posts, on the things I love about our little Phebe.

Which is basically everything!
But I'll try to contain myself a little.

I just don't want to forget all these little moments in our daily life. They are beautiful and they make my heart just burst for joy. And most of the things I love about her, are things she loves too! She is so sweet and silly on so many levels. And she is the easiest child in the world to love.


I love that she loves her sleep.

I will tell you right now, I don't take this for granted. I go to a couple of playgroups and I hear Mum's talk about their childrens lack of sleep and I secretly cringe. Lilah and Phebe were both great sleepers. Thank you Lord. And if I was making a top ten list of loves (for myself), sleep would definitely be in that top ten. In fact, it would be quite close to the top!

Ever since the day we got Phebe, in China, she has been a great sleeper. She sleeps 12-13 hours at night and 1-2 hours in the daytime. She goes down happy and wakes up happy. Again, thank you Lord. In China, she would sing herself to sleep. Now she and Tigger usually have a full out fun time with lots of loud chatting before she falls asleep. It takes her 10-20 minutes to fall over at night. But during the day it is basically immediately.

In fact, there are times (mostly during the day, approaching nap time) that she will simply conk out wherever she's at. Over dinner, reading books, playing toys and even in the shopping cart, where she put her head down on the bar (that you use to push the cart) and promptly fell asleep, one day. And no amount of anything would waken her. I tried talking, lifting her head up, trying to prise her eyes open... nothing worked. But man, was she uncomfortable! She would let out a groan every now and again!

I'm so thankful my girl loves to sleep - I think that's one of the things that makes her so happy. She is very rarely grumpy and I think a good nights sleep has a lot to do with that.

When I put her into the crib at night and for her nap; she gets a kiss, a head rub/massage and I tell her "night-night, I love you". She makes us VERY aware that the same must be done to her stuffie, Tigger... and he must also have her blanket over him. And then she too will rub his head, kiss him (many times) and tell him night-night. She is a very affectionate child, in a lot of ways and it melts my heart, in a big way!

Forever Phebe Day!
taken just hours after Phebe joined our family, in Hunan, China
my two girls enjoying a well earned nap


pumpkin patch
clean jiggered, after a day at the pumpkin patch


conked out! conked out!
she conked out, while reading the Indigo Kids toys and Costco flyers, last week


last night, ready to fall sleep with her best friend, Tigger
i ♥ how they start the night nose to nose


finally, fast asleep
love my baby girl so very very much


sunday naps
and on Sundays, they get a special treat, napping together... which they love!
how can I even stand this much cuteness in one bed? it's beyond me.



  1. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child! No matter what kind of day you have, you should always take a few moments to watch them sleep... you fall in love with them a little bit deeper every time!

  2. I too am blessed with a 2 year old who loves her sleep :) Im with you on that one!!!!

    Something about watching a sleeping baby (not just mine, but anyones!!) that fills me with utter contentment...........

  3. I love these pictures, there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby! My favorite is the last of the two girls napping together - such cuteness!

  4. Adorable! My favourite is the one with her nose to nose with Tiger!!

  5. Your girls are so very precious!!!

  6. So, so sweet. I'm a teeny bit jealous as I have a child who has never really been one to go down quickly or easily, has always been one to wake during the night and has now pretty much given up naps. I love the shots of Phebe conked out in the chair best, I think. And Lilah looks so snuggly in her blue blanket in the first shot.

    Gin =)

  7. What a sweet post! I love reading about Phebe and her friend Tigger. So cute that she talks to him at night. She sounds so adorable!!