Wednesday, November 21, 2012

snuggle bunny

My little woman has been all stuffed up and snotty this past few days.

She's just about over it now... I felt so rotten for her, especially when she was coughing and sneezing, while sleeping. Yes, you read that right. I visted her a few times during the night, but she was still sleeping away, even while sneezing and coughing! Have I mentioned how much my girl likes to sleep?!

Anyway, during her little feeling blah period, there was a silver lining... because I got to enjoy a lot of extra snuggles. And I sure loved those snuggles!

She's my little snuggle bunny. She just loves to be held close and hugged and kissed and loved.



  1. I joke with my husband that I will still be pulling Gracie onto my knee for a cuddle when she is 21!

    Love the B & W photo.........Phebe looks so cute, Jill :)

  2. This pic just warms my heart. Gotta love it when they want nice long snuggles. You both look quite content =)

  3. How nice to see a picture of Phebe with Mama! She looks so sweet cuddling with you.
    Lindy D.