Friday, November 30, 2012


Listening to Phebe's language evolve has been crazy cool. I just love how she learns and picks up little things from us all. Last week she put her first two associated words together and I was basically jumping up and down with excitement.

: I asked her if she did a pee-pee in her diaper, she pointed at her diaper and said "Diaper wet".
: A couple of days ago she hit her head on Lilah's cabinet door, pointed at it and said "Bang head".
: And today she pointed at my camera and said "Mama picture".

She can basically repeat all her talking toys now, right down to the 'bonjour' her phone says! And when I talk to her, she always repeats the last word I say. She will sit and repeat all the words Lilah tells her.

Of course I'm the Mama and possibly a little biased - but I think she's such a smartypants!

Here's a few of her words from the past few weeks: away, house, mittens, sure, where is she?, mirror, I dunno?, I see it!, toilet, pocket, diaper, wipes, toe, phone, all done!, watch, up high!, medicine, smile, cry, home, papie & nono (grandparents), na & pa (grandparents), potty, no touch, hot, clean up, potty

And a few movies of our little chatterbox...


  1. So good Phebe !!!!

    she is cute !!


    Christine(mamie de France)
    I love your daugters they are very beautiful

  2. she is too adorable!! so is lilah...

  3. What a wee blether :) !!!!

  4. Oh, what a sweet little smarty pants!

    Gin =)

  5. These videos remind me of Claire so much! That cute little voice of Phebe's brings back so many sweet memories. What a little cutie she is, Jill. It looks like you are thoroughly enjoying this fun and exciting stage!