Wednesday, November 14, 2012

that little dress - how she's changed!

On Monday I was doing a little cleaning and organizing. I have two memory boxes for my girls, filled with different little things that I hang onto, mostly from our trip to China, including the outfits our girls wore on the day we got them, and also special cards and emails, the candle from their first birthday cake, etc, etc. All these little things land in their memory boxes.

So during my little tidy up, I had Phebe's little dress, underwear, socks and also her little sandals all ready to put into the box, when Phebe spotted them... she picked up the dress and actioned for me to put the dress on her. Now, Phebe actioning me to put clothes on her, just doesn't happen around here! Usually I'm wrestling clothes onto a very giggly runaway child! After I put the dress on, she also grabbed the squeaky sandals, sat down and put them on, by herself.

It was a special moment. And seeing that she wanted to wear this dress and sandals, that was special too. I'm sure they brought back all sorts of memories for her. We actually sent this dress and the little sandals in two different care packages, during our wait to bring her home.

The first photo, below, was taken the day we got Phebe. This photo was our first glimpse of her, in reality. We walked into that room, expecting to have to wait for her to arrive, however, she'd already arrived and was sitting all alone on this little bench with (rightfully so) a very scared little face. I distinctly remember a sob catching in my throat, just seeing her there, sitting on that big bench, all alone.

And the second photo, I took on Monday, after putting her dress on - which happened to be over what she was already wearing that day! I love how her expression has changed now, from that scared little girl to a very confident little girl. And I know she will continue to grow and build more confidence over the next year. It is amazing how time, love and trust can change these little ones. As a friend rightfully said, these children come through so much, they are so courageous. And look at her beautiful hair, can you tell I am a teeny bit excited that I can get a barrette into it now?!

How thankful I am that God chose her, for us. How I love her.

care package : dress & shoes


  1. the story of your two beautiful girls coming into your family is so just brings tears to my eyes. they are lucky indeed you have you for parents

  2. Oh my, what a difference!! She is blossoming and her joy, confidence and contentment shines through even in her photos. These little ones really are strong and so resilient.

    Gin =)

  3. So wonderful to see her transformation. That first picture breaks my heart. Her hair is growing in so nicely. I will miss seeing her pretty ears. lol
    Lindy D.